A Technical Webinar with Keith Parsons

Recorded on Friday, September 13, 2013

Keith Parsons
Network Management Expert

Webinar Recording

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Topics Covered in this Session

Discover the full power of the Cisco ISR G2 and ASR 1000 with LiveAction, enterprise software application-aware network performance management (ANPM) + quality of service (QoS) control!

Keith Parsons of ActionPacked Networks will demonstrate how you can use the award-winning LiveAction software to automatically enable and use Medianet and Application Visibility and Control (AVC) functions that are built into your Cisco ISR G2 and ASR 1000 platforms for application performance management without the use of expensive probes or packet shapers.

  • QoS control and configuration using NBAR2
  • Flow information from PerfMon including Jitter, Packet Loss, Media Bit Rate and more
  • Flow information from AVC including NBAR2 applications, Response Times and Delay, and more
  • Medianet Mediatrace
  • Flexible NetFlow Configuration for NetFlow+NBAR2, AVC, and Medianet
  • IP SLA VO (Video Operation)
  • AVC reports—Top Applications, Application Performance, HTTP Host, and more

About the Presenter

Keith Parsons is LiveAction’s resident NetFlow expert, with 35+ years of network management experience. Keith is an industry innovator in designing network monitoring tools such as the Sniffer Network Analyzer, and possesses practical expertise in network troubleshooting.

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