While there has been an extreme amount of hype surrounding cloud computing, there is a good chance your company is using or will use an important cloud computing business service by 2011. The operational efficiencies, ease of implementation, and flexible purchasing commitment provided by cloud computing are too compelling for companies to not put it to use in some facet of their business.

Since cloud computing services (cloud services) are heavily focused on applications, oftentimes little thought goes into the impact a shift to cloud services has on the network. When consuming cloud services what impact does this have on the network and what role does the network play in ensuring a quality user experience? Answering these questions is especially important since most cloud services use standard Internet protocols and applications as the interface for accessing their services. This means any quality of service policies you have in place will by default treat these applications as casual web traffic and assign them to a best effort class.

This whitepaper will clarify the different types of cloud services, explain implications cloud services have for WAN and Internet architectures, and provide tips on preparing your network with QoS policies to support cloud services. If you’re a system administrator involved in deploying cloud services, this white paper will be help you understand the issues faced by the network engineers in your company and how to better communicate with them when project planning and implementation occur.


White Paper Is Your Network Ready for the Cloud?