Case Study—Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

The Idaho Division of Vocation Rehabilitation, or IDVR, is a unique agency that helps individuals with disabilities take their place in the work force and in the community. The agency, headquartered in Boise, has eight additional regional offices and 31 sub-regional offices scattered across the state providing coverage over a large geographical area.

The IDVR network is managed centrally in Boise and extends to remote regions across the state.

The IDVR Network

The IT team in Boise uses a Cisco 3825 series integrated services router in the main office to support the routers located in the many remote offices. IT Resource Manager Bob Nertney and Network Analyst Scott Williams, chose LiveAction Master Suite because it automatically generates a topological view of all their remote sites and enables on-the-fly Cisco QoS configuration changes without the need for Cisco command lines.

Using LiveAction’s topology view, Scott was actually able to see some unexpected traffic paths that he easily rerouted. He was also able to use LiveAction’s rules-based QoS configuration tools to check his existing policies for errors and compliance with Cisco’s published practices.

LiveAction Topology View

LiveAction adjust output QoS screen.

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