Access and Visualize Cisco Performance Monitoring Capabilities Using LiveNX

Performance Monitoring is a Cisco term used to describe an infrastructure that is enhanced to support the delivery of rich media applications like voice and video.

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Performance Monitoring used to troubleshoot media-based flows on a hop by hop basis.

Utilize LiveNX Performance Monitoring Capabilities to Troubleshoot Media-based Flows

  • LiveNX Performance Monitoring Benefits

    • Performance Monitoring—troubleshoot media-based flows by gathering specific information related to performance from various hops that the particular flow takes
    • Performance Monitoring IP SLA VO (Video Operation)—Cisco’s synthetic traffic generation and analysis for Cisco
    • Telepesence, IPTV, and IP video surveillance traffic types
    • Understand the impact video traffic has on your infrastructure and any QoS policies that are in place
    • Performance Monitoring Performance Monitor—specialized version of NetFlow, primarily used to gather performance metrics for RTP and TCP traffic
  • LiveNX Performance Monitoring Features

    • Select flows to troubleshoot and automatically invoke commands to display results for easy analysis
    • Visually follow Performance Monitoring streams across the network
    • See tabular data, providing statistics for each hop
    • Graphically manage IP SLA VO by configuring the tests and displaying results
    • Monitor and troubleshoot performance of specific types of critical voice, video, and data traffic
    • View performance monitoring, DSCP RTP SRC, and jitter information
Cisco Medinaet features in LiveNX

Watch Cisco Performance Monitoring features in LiveNX in action.