LiveAction along with Cisco ASA NSEL NetFlow and Cisco Application Visibility and Control (AVC) NetFlow provides GEO IP visibility and advanced application recognition as part of your CyberSecurity solution that includes the following capabilities:
  • GEO IP
    • Country information based upon source and destination addresses
    • Dashboards, reports, and real-time views
  • NSEL flow event and description
    • Flow event information on creation, deletion, denial, and ACL hits
  • Advanced application visibility using Cisco AVC
    • Deep packet inspection NBAR 2
    • Thousands of applications, including inside HTTP streams
  • Scalability
    • One million flows per second capacity
    • Stores all raw flows for archived forensic analysis
  • Router Control
    • QoS for security
    • ACL and PBR monitoring and editing
  • Visualization
    • Live application flow overlay
    • Topology visualization
A typical setup would consist of an ASA fronted by an outer router.  LiveAction would receive NSEL NetFlow from the ASA and AVC NetFlow from the outer router, which could be an ISR G2 or ASR.