Using visualization and awareness to safeguard your networks

Constantly changing network threats are continually upsetting the optimal balance between strong security and convenient user access. And with physical isolation becoming less effective due to the Internet and virtual networking, dealing with and staying ahead of these threats requires a much more dynamic approach. LiveAction software is leading a new breed of interactive cyber defense tools that can track changing security conditions so security staff can respond directly to new threats quickly and decisively—especially in virtual environments. Using the same rich visualizations and embedded intelligence that it provides for network management and troubleshooting, LiveAction takes cyber security to a higher level with real-time situational awareness and control, when and where it is needed the most.
Key Features and Benefits
  • Real-time traffic visibility and control—Fully interactive system topology (multiple devices), device, and interface level views with GEO IP, NSEL, and AVC
  • Visualize and minimize DoS attacks and unauthorized traffic—Detect, identify and block offenders
  • Network forensics visualization, analysis and test report documentation—Efficient storage, playback and analysis of all flow at 1 M flow/second without aggregation
  • Remediate malicious traffic on the network — Easy to use graphical editors to reroute suspicious traffic to a sensor using PBR, block/drop suspicious traffic using ACL, and mitigate/minimize suspicious traffic using QoS configuration
  • No appliances needed—Installs in minutes on a standard laptop, desktop PC, or server

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