Whitepaper: Managing Lync QoS with LiveAction

Microsoft Lync is an application that allows enterprise users to communicate via instant messaging (IM), presence, audio/video conferencing, IP telephony, and collaboration tools. QoS is an essential component to optimize application performance and user experience for Lync users. LiveAction helps with enterprise deployment, configuration and management of Lync QoS.

What’s inside:

  1. Lync QoS Design
  2. Defining TCP/UDP Port Ranges
  3. Client-to-Client Settings
  4. Lync Phone Edition Settings
  5. Lync Server Settings
  6. Define Group Policies
  7. Lync DSCP Marking Group Policies
  8. Lync Audio QoS Classification with LiveAction
  9. Lync Audio QoS Queuing with LiveAction
  10. Lync Video QoS with LiveAction

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