It is generally understood that organizations cannot successfully defend against all cybersecurity attacks. Also, as the level of security is increased, so does the level of overhead and management that accompanies that security. So, while precautions must be taken to prevent such attacks, an equally important function is the discovery, investigation and understanding of network security breaches so that they can be stopped, if still ongoing, and prevented in the future. Investigating these abnormal network events will often uncover weaknesses in your current infrastructure and identify infected computers. If left unchecked these compromised resources can be the sources of future attacks or conduits for offloading of confidential company data.

LiveAction™ software enables network administrators and engineers to identify and mitigate security problems in real time and perform network forensics on events that have been recorded in its traffic flow and QoS historical databases. This application note will demonstrate these techniques and help you to better secure your network and IT infrastructure.

Finding Network Security Breaches