LiveAction provides the IPv6 traffic visibility that is essential for understanding and troubleshooting traffic that might otherwise go unnoticed. In addition to its through-the-network traffic flow visibility, LiveAction all-in-one QoS software provides the monitoring, analysis, troubleshooting and configuration capabilities needed through all phases of network QoS management.

This application note explores how you can use LiveAction software from ActionPacked! Networks and Cisco devices supporting NetFlow v9 to find, track, and troubleshoot IPv6 traffic on your network, regardless of whether that traffic is there intentionally or not. IPv6 deployments are inevitable for today’s public and private networks, and depending on your company’s priorities, deployments may come sooner rather than later.

Even if IPv6 deployments in your enterprise are not expected in the foreseeable future, now is the time to understand unexpected IPv6 traffic running on your networks, what potential risks that traffic may pose, and to ensure that your security and management tools are providing the IPv6 support you need.

Download Finding IPv6 Where You Least Expect It