Cisco Application Visibility and Control

End-to-end Application Performance Visualization

LiveNX enables users to leverage the high network visibility provided by AVC and NBAR2 as well as perform active response to monitored traffic classes and flows. With LiveNX, network administrators are able to identify and analyze critical business traffic along with unwanted applications on the network.

LiveNX Data Sheet 14-Day Trial Test Drive

AVC system flow table view to display application performance.

  • LiveNX AVC Features

    • Monitor application performance
    • Report application response time metrics
    • See and understand application performance over a span of time
    • Look at spikes or changes in performance metrics
    • End-to-end view of how the network is performing
    • Make QoS policies application aware
    • Change bandwidth traffic of an application in real-time
  • LiveNX AVC Features

    • Network management is a critical component to the Cisco AVC solution. Network administrators need to understand what is going on based on the useful information gathered from Cisco AVC.
    • LiveNX supports Cisco AVC by reporting application information provided by NBAR2, Application Response Time metrics to isolate problems in the network like per-application re-transmission counts, application efficiency (L7 throughput), per-application latency, and total connections provided by the Performance Agent.
    • LiveNX’s graphical user interface can be used to prioritize business-critical applications and provide the ability to match NBAR2 attributes to recognize more than 1000 applications coming from NBAR2.
Cisco AVC with LiveAction's LiveNX

Watch LiveNX and Cisco Application Visibility and Control in action!